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Contour Cream Against Eye Stain

Cream specially formulated to gently treat the area around the eyes. Its Chrome-Eye technology and one of the most innovative in roller lightens and unifies skin tone, improving dark spots.

Doppelherz Haar Intensiv

Today, beautiful hair forms the ideal of beauty in our society and is important for our well-being. We do everything to make our hair look good.

Doppelherz Kollagen 900 Hyaluron + Q10

Skin and connective tissue have a significant impact on our appearance and are a beautiful and attractive sign. As we age, our skin tends to become thinner. This occurs when the collagen content in the skin decreases and the skin elasticity decreases. Regular intake of vitamins and minerals can help support natural beauty from within.

Doppelherz System KOLLAGEN BEAUTY

The Doppelherz KOLLAGEN BEAUTY system contains collagen peptides for inner beauty as well as selected vitamins and trace elements plus acai bean extract. As a high quality dietary supplement, the Doppelherz KOLLAGEN BEAUTY system is designed for long-term use. A possible effect occurs after 4-8 weeks.

Face Cream For Night Babaria

Take care of your skin but also of your planet with the new line of Babaria BIO Without Plastic, which is 100% plastic-free. This is a high quality cream that has a preventive effect on the skin aging, detoxification and soothing process. While you sleep the cream has the effect of rejuvenating facial skin tissue due to its special ingredients.

Face Cream With Hyaluronic Acid

By applying Babaria hyaluronic acid face cream, your skin will be intensely hydrated as hyaluronic acid is able to reach the deepest layers of the skin, replenish it and reduce the signs of aging.

Face Cream With Vitamin C

This face cream is created using a combination of an innovative active ingredient derived from vitamin C and vitamin E due to their antioxidant power.

Feste Nagel

The cells in our nails and skin perform best every day through growth and renewal. For this they need vitamins and minerals, including special micronutrients, which we need to supply regularly.

Hyaluron Boost Serum

As an endogenous substance, hyaluronic acid is part of the connective tissue of the skin and retains important moisture due to its binding properties to water. Hyaluronic acid is produced in individual connective tissue cells, but unfortunately this endogenous production decreases with age.

Kollagen + Hyaluron + Ceramide

Skin and connective tissue have a significant influence on our appearance and are a sign of good looks and attractiveness. With increasing age, however, both collagen and skin elasticity naturally decrease. Collagen drinking ampoules with hyaluronic acid I Doppelherz The drinking ampoules from Doppelherz Collagen + Hyaluron + Ceramide contain selected vitamins and trace elements for the normal function of skin and connective tissue. In addition, the ready-to-drink ampoules contain 1000 mg collagen hydrolyzate, 50 mg hyaluronic acid and 15 mg ceramides from wheat seed extract.