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Doppelherz Active D3 Drops

Active D3 Point 83,300 IU Vitamin D3 is needed by the body to absorb and use calcium in an efficient way to build and maintain bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 is called the sun vitamin because it can be synthesized in our skin when exposed to enough sunlight. Vitamin D3 obtained from food sources works well to support bone and tooth health.

Doppelherz Eisen-Femin DIRECT

Doppelherz Eisen-Femin DIRECT not only provides important nutrients iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, but also excellent taste. Iron is an essential trace element that is necessary for many functions in the body. Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, the red blood pigment and thus supports the normal transport of oxygen in the blood.

Doppelherz IroTec

High-potency iron for the pregnancy. Pregnancy is certainly the most demanding stage of a woman’s life. In that time, she needs to pay attention to remaining healthy.

Doppelherz Jod + Folsäure + Eisen + B12

An adequate supply of nutrients is essential for health, performance and well-being. This also includes iodine, iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. For women of childbearing potential, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly, and people who eat only leafy vegetables rich in folic acid irregularly, iodine-containing foods (eg fish), and iron-rich animal foods and B12 (eg meat), is an adequate supply of these nutrients is particularly important.

Doppelherz Mama plus mit DHA + Folsäure

Doppelherz Mama plus with folic acid DHA + provides 600 μg of folic acid along with all the other essential B vitamins, as well as the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and 100 μg of iodine. The capsules also contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids, including 200 mg of DHA per day.

Doppelherz System MULTI-VITAMINE Family

Doppelherz’s liquid system, the MULTI-VITAMIN family delivers selected vitamins, as well as extra magnesium with just one sip – and it tastes so delicious with so much fruit, it tastes big and small with a sweet tooth! It can help both children and adults who have problems taking capsules to support their daily supply of nutrients – without taking capsules.

Doppelherz System OMEGA-3 Family Flussig

The Doppelherz OMEGA-3 FLÜSSIG system offers a high content of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are essential for young people and the elderly. They combine well with important vitamins in liquid form – ready to drink with a delicious fruity aroma. For small and large fish receptors – DHA-free fish taste DHA contributes to normal brain function for young and old.

Schwhangere Mutter

Choosing healthy foods and getting enough of the valuable omega-3 vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are of paramount importance. The need for some vitamins and minerals increases significantly during pregnancy, as the mother has to take care of the unborn baby. The need for many nutrients increases significantly even during breastfeeding.

Vital Materna Plus

Advanced formula to support conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding
Recent scientific works show that a good supply with particular vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the two months preceding conception has a positive impact on health of the child to be born.
Doppelherz® aktiv created the food supplement Vital Materna PLUS to assist women through their pregnancy from the conception time until the end of the breastfeeding period. Folic acid for periconceptional folate supplementation.