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A-Z Direct

Take only one sachet a day to supply the body with the most important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements + Lutein. An optimal amount of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements is an important criterion for the proper functioning of the body.

Amosvital Vitamin C 1000mg Pulver

Vitamin C contributes – to a normally functioning immune system – to reducing fatigue and fatigue symptoms – to an increase in iron absorption – to protect cell components from oxidative damage.

Coenzyme Q10

The Doppelherz COENZYM Q10 100 + VITAMIN system supports energy metabolism with B vitamins and contributes to the protection of cells with vitamin E and selenium. Also contains 100 mg of coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is a substance that binds to several vitamins and belongs to the group of ubiquinones

DoppelHerz – Gelenk 1500 + Collagen

Our musculoskeletal system with its joints, cartilages, tendons and ligaments is challenged every day. A healthy musculoskeletal system is a prerequisite for quality of life at any age. Small exercises and a healthy diet can make a contribution here.

DoppelHerz – Zink+Histidin+Vitamin C Depot

DoppelHerz – Zinc + Histidin + Vitamin C Depot Doppelherz tablets contain 15 mg of zinc and 300 mg of vitamin C, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. In addition, it contains 100 mg of the amino acid L-histidine, which should be taken regularly and adequately with food.

Doppelherz A-Z Depot

A balanced diet and a minimum of physical activity are the basic principles of healthy living. Well-being, mental and physical performance are greatly influenced by how well the body is supplied with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Doppelherz Abwehr aktiv DIRECT

Abwehr Activ with Zinc + Selenium + Histidine + Vitamin C NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT With zinc, selenium and vitamin C for normal immune system properties. In addition to the amino acid histidine Delicious and consumption without water.

Doppelherz Active D3 Drops

Active D3 Point 83,300 IU Vitamin D3 is needed by the body to absorb and use calcium in an efficient way to build and maintain bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 is called the sun vitamin because it can be synthesized in our skin when exposed to enough sunlight. Vitamin D3 obtained from food sources works well to support bone and tooth health.

Doppelherz Active-Meno

Menopause – a natural process in a woman’s body. Menopause is the episode of women’s life that signals the end of fertility. It is characterized by a decrease in the production of sex hormones, which is responsible for the appearance of mild to severe signs such as mood swings, increased stress, night sweats and heat.

Doppelherz B-Komplex DEPOT

Physical well-being and performance are influenced by various factors. This also includes adequate exercise and a healthy diet. The challenges and stresses of everyday life require strong energy and muscles!

Doppelherz Calcium & Vitamin D3 1200

Doppelherz Calcium Tablet & Vitamin D3 contains 1200 mg of calcium. Calcium is a vital mineral and is needed to maintain normal bones and teeth. Calcium also contributes to normal muscle function and blood clotting. Since bone is constantly rebuilt, but calcium cannot be formed by the body itself, it must be taken adequately and regularly through food.

Doppelherz Cranberry + Kürbis

Our body is a versatile one. But it cannot produce vitamins such as vitamin C and trace elements like selenium itself. You need to supply it with these nutrients regularly and in sufficient quantities through food. However, with an unbalanced diet, intake is not always optimal. Doppelherz Cranberry + Pumpkin capsules contain 800 mg of cranberry extract, 200 mg of pumpkin seed extract combined with 80 mg of vitamin C and 30 mg of selenium as a daily dose (2 capsules). Vitamin C and selenium to support the normal functioning of the immune system Vitamin C as a contribution to protect cells from oxidative stress

Doppelherz Diabetiker

Combining micronutrients tailored to the specific needs of diabetics: When the daily diet is unbalanced, intake of essential nutrients is often marginal and not optimal. This is especially true when there is a metabolic disorder or when a restricted diet should be followed. In these cases it is recommended to take extra nutrients.

Doppelherz Eisen-Femin DIRECT

Doppelherz Eisen-Femin DIRECT not only provides important nutrients iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, but also excellent taste. Iron is an essential trace element that is necessary for many functions in the body. Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, the red blood pigment and thus supports the normal transport of oxygen in the blood.