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Coenzyme Q10

The Doppelherz COENZYM Q10 100 + VITAMIN system supports energy metabolism with B vitamins and contributes to the protection of cells with vitamin E and selenium. Also contains 100 mg of coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is a substance that binds to several vitamins and belongs to the group of ubiquinones

DoppelHerz – Gelenk 1500 + Collagen

Our musculoskeletal system with its joints, cartilages, tendons and ligaments is challenged every day. A healthy musculoskeletal system is a prerequisite for quality of life at any age. Small exercises and a healthy diet can make a contribution here.

Doppelherz Active-Meno

Menopause – a natural process in a woman’s body. Menopause is the episode of women’s life that signals the end of fertility. It is characterized by a decrease in the production of sex hormones, which is responsible for the appearance of mild to severe signs such as mood swings, increased stress, night sweats and heat.

Doppelherz Augen Extra

The eye is one of the most amazing organs in the human body and is challenged day and night. Working at the computer, watching TV often, and driving at night are especially stressful for the eye. Various factors play a role for health, maintenance of visual function and day and night viewing. This also includes a good supply of nutrients.

Doppelherz Diabetiker

Combining micronutrients tailored to the specific needs of diabetics: When the daily diet is unbalanced, intake of essential nutrients is often marginal and not optimal. This is especially true when there is a metabolic disorder or when a restricted diet should be followed. In these cases it is recommended to take extra nutrients.

Doppelherz Eisen-Femin DIRECT

Doppelherz Eisen-Femin DIRECT not only provides important nutrients iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, but also excellent taste. Iron is an essential trace element that is necessary for many functions in the body. Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, the red blood pigment and thus supports the normal transport of oxygen in the blood.

Doppelherz Glucosamin 700 EXTRA

Our musculoskeletal system (cartilage, bone, connective tissue) is challenged every day. Unilateral stress, overweight and increasing age are stressors. Doppelherz Glucosamine Extra 700 capsules contain a combination of essential trace elements vitamin C, copper, selenium and zinc.

Doppelherz Haar Intensiv

Today, beautiful hair forms the ideal of beauty in our society and is important for our well-being. We do everything to make our hair look good.

Doppelherz Lecithin

Nowadays, work, sports and normal daily stress set special requirements for our body. It requires thinking, mental dexterity, ability to learn, good memory, strong nerves and perseverance. Our body depends on an adequate supply of nutrients for health and well-being. Lecithin is a phospholipid and is part of brain membranes and nerve cells. Water-soluble B vitamins contribute to numerous processes in the body. Our bodies cannot store these vitamins for long. Therefore, they should be consumed sufficiently and regularly through food.

Doppelherz Liver Complex

Supports liver and gallbladder function. Regular alcohol consumption and repeated intake of fatty foods can strain the liver and affect its function. Despite its ability to partially regenerate itself, the liver needs care as it is critical to proper digestion and detoxification of harmful metabolites.

Doppelherz Magen-Gel

Active Doppelherz gastric gel against heartburn + for reflux can start working within 3 minutes thanks to the action of its components sodium alginate and carbonate.

Doppelherz Men Active

The constant demand for performance in our modern society can become a real race for success in professional as well as in private life. Pressure is so high that even the act of love is directed by the desire for success. When aging men are subject from time to time to small “failures”, then disappointment is all the greater.

Doppelherz Stress – Gute Nerven

We need to be mentally active and flexible, we need strong nerves and a strong brain. Our brain works 24 hours a day and works without the slightest interruption. Even when we sleep, our brain does not turn off. It is one of the most active organs of the body and consumes 20% of daily energy, although it constitutes only 2% of body mass. With a tablet from Doppelherz you cover your daily needs for all B vitamins.

Doppelherz System KOLLAGEN 11.000 PLUS

The Doppelherz KOLLAGEN 11,000 PLUS system contains nutrients that contribute to the health of the musculoskeletal system and the protection of cells. The dual heart system COLLAGEN 11,000 PLUS contains: Combination of vitamin-trace element of vitamins C, D, selenium and copper plus 100 mg chondroitin sulfate Plus 11 g collagen hydrolyzes Coordinated nutrients are contained in the practical drink bottle – immediately ready to drunk with a delicious taste of forest fruits – ideal for movement.

Doppelherz System KOLLAGEN BEAUTY

The Doppelherz KOLLAGEN BEAUTY system contains collagen peptides for inner beauty as well as selected vitamins and trace elements plus acai bean extract. As a high quality dietary supplement, the Doppelherz KOLLAGEN BEAUTY system is designed for long-term use. A possible effect occurs after 4-8 weeks.