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Drops doppelherz 

Doppelherz Active D3 Drops

Active D3 Point 83,300 IU Vitamin D3 is needed by the body to absorb and use calcium in an efficient way to build and maintain bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 is called the sun vitamin because it can be synthesized in our skin when exposed to enough sunlight. Vitamin D3 obtained from food sources works well to support bone and tooth health.

Rainbovit Baby DHA+D3

Rainbovit Baby DHA + D3 Capsules is a high quality dietary supplement, which is a rich source of DHA and natural vitamin D3 (from lanolin) dissolved in certified quality Schizochytrium sp. algae oil. Indicator: DHA contributes to: correct brain function, correct vision, development of visual sense in infants under 12 months. Vitamin D maintains: Proper function of the immune system, Correct muscle performance, normal growth and bone development in children.


Rainbovit BABY VITAMIN D3 is recommended as a supplement to the daily diet which contains little vitamin D3. It is especially recommended for breastfed babies because breast milk does not contain enough vitamin D3. It is advisable to start including vitamin D3 at a dose of 10mcg (400 IU) per day from the first days of breastfeeding. Vitamin D contained in Rainbow Baby Vitamin D3 helps maintain healthy teeth and bones and supports proper muscle function.

Rainbovit Vitamin C Baby

VITAMIN AND FABMIJS RAINBOVIT C is a useful supplement for its use from the first days of life. Vitamin C is involved in the process of oxidation and reduction metabolism that occurs in the cell, eg in the process and cellular respiration. It is necessary for the formation and collagen, elastin and matrix, and thus due to proper proper cartilage, bone and teeth, wound healing and capillary elasticity.


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